How To Save Mobile Data On Android

In this post i am show that app which save data almost half while watching youtube video or netflix…and also this app save data on online music streaming app savan and ganna watch it..subscibe share and comment for info..

When you play any music video and much more on any app and Di text menu of data of your mobile phone. So how to save your mobile data up to 50%. So I just found a app on the Play Store this app is called Opera Max download this app Here

1. After downloading this app you must be open this app and after opening this app you must be sign in with Gmail ID and you can see there is 2 option. 1 for mobile data saving and another one is WiFi data saving

2. Then you can see that there is a connect option after tap on the connect and you can see that there is a permission  to allow your mobile data and you can see there is a VPN was connected and you can also enjoy any music video on your any app which was connected on Internet and you can also see if data up to 50% via this app.

3. If you want to disconnect this app means VPN Service then you can see there is a discount option and Tap on the disconnect and you will see the vpn was automatically disconnect.

If you do not understand this blog I give a video on the description below and you must watch this video and you can watch everything about to how to save data on your mobile so thank you for reading this blog.

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